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A lifelong North Carolinian, I'm a retired English instructor whose background in photography goes back to the days of film work with my Pentax 6x7 and courses and frequent darkroom work with Wayne Upchurch, to whom I'm indebted for some insights into photography, at Cape Fear Community College, where I taught English. In the mid 1980's I had a show of infrared images in a Wilmington gallery accompanied by a booklet of short poems and photographs called "Pathways and Gradations." I enjoy landscape and travel photography but am intrigued by a variety of other types of photography as well, including infrared. I am a member of the Photographic Society of America and a member of my local Cape Fear Camera Club.

A little bit of my philosophy of photography and of life as well is touched on in one of my poems, "The Moment":

Take a moment of your life and freeze the frame;
look for the quality of tone you thought was there--
that you kept reaching for but seldom held--
hiding behind existence.

When the light seems right,
when streaks of sunlight penetrate the dark
and kindle hope and memory,
insight and action are one.

You can preserve an image for a while
against the vagaries of change and loss:
press hard the shutter of this moment now,
until only the beauty remains.

Lad Bright

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